This is a specific clinic where time is set aside for the regular care of all our antenatal and postnatal patients.


We offer advice and monitoring of the disease and access to specialist services when appropriate appointments are necessary.


We assess your risk factor for heart disease when appropriate appointments are necessary.

Child Assessment

This is run mainly to assess the development of all children under the age of five. We will be happy to see any well babies at this clinic.


We offer advice and monitoring of the disease and access to specialist services when appropriate appointments are necessary.

Immunisation (children)

Here we offer a full vaccination programme for all children. (There is an established Vaccination Schedule for all babies and we invite you to contact the practice nurse for specific details relating to your child.)

You will receive a card through the post informing you of the date of attendance for your baby at the clinic. It is important that your children are fully immunised against all the childhood diseases. If it is difficult for you to attend the clinic, alternative arrangements can be made. If you have any queries or require advice about the vaccinations, please make an appointment at this clinic to discuss these matters with us.

Special Clinics (by appointment only)

Antenatal/Immunisations (Children) and Child Assessment Tuesday 1.30pm - 4.00pm
Asthma & Diabetic
Travel Immunisations
Smoking Cessation

Well Woman 

We can offer a wide variety of well woman advice. This will cover advice on the menopause/HRT. Cervical smears will be carried out if appropriate. Family planning advice (including coil/cap) can also be offered. Attendance is by appointment only.

Family Planning

The Practice offers contraception advice and also fits, removes and checks coils, implants, contraceptive pill, emergency contraception and depo injections.

All Patients Aged Between 16 - 75

If you fall into this age group you are invited to have a medical check-up every three years.

Blood Tests

Most blood tests will be taken by the practice Phlebotomist, but the patient must PERSONALLY TRANSPORT the sample to the Royal Gwent Hospital Pathology Laboratory, if not obtained before midday daily.

Cervical Smears

These can be taken by the practice nurse and are essential for continuing good health. Smear tests for women involve an examination of the cervix (neck of the womb) to check for changes which occur BEFORE cancer develops. These changes can be treated and cancer prevented.

We recommend that all women up to the age of 65 should have regular smears unless advised otherwise by the doctor. The practice will send a reminder when your smear is due, but if you have any doubt, please ask.

Smears are very important, so even if you do not wish to have a smear please come and discuss it with the doctor and do not just ignore the letter.

Patient Services

The following services are currently provided at the practice: nurse-led chronic disease management clinics, regular health checks for patients aged 75 and over, ear syringing, vaccinations including foreign travel requirements. Some Non-NHS examinations are also available for special purposes, eg elderly drivers, pre-employment, fitness to travel, etc. A fee will be payable and an appointment must be made.

Access to these services is generally through a referral from your doctor and an appointment should be made via reception.

Other Services

Patients requiring details of any services we are not currently providing are invited to contact our Local Health Board (LHB) for further information:

Aneurin Bevan Health Board
Llanarth House
Unit 1
Newbridge Gateway
Bridge Street
NP11 5GH

Tel: 01495 241200

Local Services, Let
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